What We Are All About

A little about us and how Blissbox came to be

Hi, my name is Sara Dolson and I founded CC Blissbox at the end of 2017 as a more convenient way to support the local community. I found myself shopping at big chain stores more often than I wanted to strictly out of convenience. I wanted to support local more and make it easier for others to do the same. Thus Blissbox was born, as a way to get a monthly glimpse of all the amazing talent our community has to offer without ever having to leave home.  I quickly recruited my tribe, starting with my sister, Christine Powell, and husband, Craig Dolson, and we got down to business. 

We wanted Blissbox to support local on multiple levels, which is why we decided that not only would we include all locally-sourced products in the boxes, but we would also have a different artist design each month's box, and we would donate a portion of the profits from each box to local non-profits. 

Its all too easy to get stuck in the every day hustle and bustle of life and forget about the small shops and makers keeping our city unique. Blissbox is meant to not only showcase this talent, but is also a monthly reminder to slow down and pay attention to our community.

We spread local love, one Blissbox at a time.