Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is CC Blissbox and how does it work? 

CC Blissbox is a local subscription box based out of Corpus Christi, Texas, and is one of the easiest ways to support the Coastal Bend community. When you subscribe, you will receive a monthly surprise box of local goodness delivered to your door. The box itself is designed by a local artist, the items in the boxes are locally made, and we donate a portion of the profits from each box to different local charities. Each month has a different theme - we strive to reflect that theme with the artwork and products included in the box. 

What comes in a Blissbox?

We typically feature at least 4 products in each box. You can expect to receive anything that is locally-made, fits in the box, and meets our standards of quality. Some examples of items included in past boxes are: unique jewelry, handmade pottery, punny cards, coffee beans, bath & beauty products, candles, food (vegan), and even Blissbox-exclusive items. 

Sometimes we include gift cards and/or stickers from local vendors that offer services or products that cannot be in the box (ie salon services or antique goods). Please understand that gift cards are always donated to the box as a BONUS for you - we do not pay for them.

How much does a Blissbox cost?

It depends on which plan you choose. For a regular month-to-month subscription, it costs $30 plus shipping & tax. If you opt for our 3-month or 6-month plan, you will pay a little more up front but will ultimately save as it will cost $25 plus tax and shipping per month. 

When will I be billed?

Immediately - and then on the 11th of each month. Renewals on month-to month plans occur on the 11th of EVERY month. Renewals on 3-month plans occur on the 11th of every third month, and renewals on 6-month plans occur on the 11th of every 6th month.

Can I give a Blissbox as a gift?

Yes! All you have to do is check off "this is a gift" at checkout. (Gifts won't renew unless you want it to)

Are there shipping fees?

Due to the rising cost of shipping, as of 6/4/18 we started charging a flat rate shipping fee of $6.99. HOWEVER, we also offer local hand-delivery free of charge. At checkout, use code "HANDDELIVER": we will waive the shipping fee and hand-deliver your item(s).

When can I expect to receive my Blissbox?

Boxes ship on the first of the month - so you should receive it within the first week of the month. If you purchase a box in the middle of the month and we still have boxes available - we will ask you if you prefer to start your subscription immediately or with the next month's box. 

Is the box recyclable/is it made from recycled products?

Yup! The box is made from 50% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable. We encourage you to save your favorite boxes but if you do toss a box, be sure to toss it into the recycling bin! Our box stuffing  is made from 100% recycled materials and is also recyclable. 

How much is donated to charity?

$1 per box is donated to a local charity each month. That means the more subscriptions we have, the more we can donate! :)

Which charities do you donate to?

We donate to various local charities. Some that we have donated to so far include: Fed By Bread, Guardian Gals Animal Rescue, New Day Port A Fund, The Purple Door, Agape Ranch, CC Hope House, Surfrider Foundation Coastal Bend Chapter, PERIOD. Corpus Christi, & GROW Local South Texas.

Can I still subscribe if I live out of town?

Of course! Need a little piece of Corpus in your life after moving away? Or maybe you are getting ready to move TO Corpus and want to see what the local scene is all about. We got you covered. We will deliver anywhere within the continental United States. 

What if I may be allergic to a product in the box?

Please e-mail us so we can make sure not to include any of your allergens in your boxes! Any food items included in the box are always 100% vegan. 

How do I change or cancel my subscription?

When you log in to your account, you can edit your subscription however you would like to. You can adjust your subscription to skip a month, switch to a different plan, add a gift card, change your address or card number, or even cancel your subscription if you must! 

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