At the end of each year, we hold a public poll and let everyone vote for their Blissbox favorites from throughout the year. All voters are welcome, subscribers or just Blissbox fans! There are 8 categories: Best Box Art, Best Wellness Product, Best Unique Product, Best Edible, Best Wearable, Best Practical Item, Best 2D Product, and Favorite Non-Profit.  

Mark your calendars! Voting for The Blissies 2019 will begin on 12-6-19.

2018 Winners:

Best Box Art - Mayra Zamora 

Best Wellness Product - Archer Soapworks

Best Unique Product - Moonlight Woven

Best Edible - Jalapenas Salsa

Best Practical Item - Moonstone'd Pottery

Best 2D Product - ACouplePuns

Best Wearable - AlpacasSomeWine 

Favorite Non-Profit - PERIOD. Corpus Christi